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Alocasia Odora

Alocasia Odora

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Alocasia odora, commonly referred to as giant elephant ear, Asian taro, or night-scented lily, is a native to East and Southeast Asia, and is an evergreen perennial. Growing up to two feet in leaf size and six to eight feet in plant height when given ideal conditions, this ornamental plant is popular for its majestic foliage.

It can be found grown both indoors and outdoors, usually in a pot or in a shaded garden, and while it seldom flowers indoors, it does produce large, peach-colored lily-shaped flowers when grown outside. However, as with other plants in the genus, alocasia odora is toxic when ingested, so take care when having small children or pets near.


Common Name  Giant elephant ear, Asian taro, night-scented lily 
Botanical Name  Alocasia odora 
Family  Araceae 
Plant Type  Corm, perennial 
Mature Size  4-8 ft. tall, 4-6 ft. wide 
Sun Exposure  Partial 
Soil Type  Moist but well-drained 
Soil pH  Acidic 
Bloom Time  Spring, summer 
Flower Color  Pink, orange, white 
Hardiness Zones  9-11, USDA 
Native Area  Asia 
Toxicity  Toxic to pets, toxic to humans

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