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Dried Sumac Berries

Dried Sumac Berries

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Use to make sumac lemonade, grow your own sumac trees, sumac jelly, etc. Shipped in sealed bags. 


Florida Sumac is a fast growing tree native to our farm. The tree looks very vibrant and and can provide some low shade. It is also known as the Flameleaf Sumac for its fall-time color show. This tree is important to wildlife, providing winter food for many upland gamebirds, songbirds, and large and small mammals. They are fast growing, generally pest and disease-free, and drought-tolerant. The. Erries can also be used to create a delicious lemonade! (see below for recipe)


This tree/large bush grows to be 5 to 15 feet tall and 4 to 6 feet wide.

It is a long-lived perennial commonly found on disturbed sand-hills.

Winged Sumac grows well dry, sandy soils in zones 4-9.


Wild birds love to eat the ripe berries and deer love to munch on the leaves.


These berry clusters were harvested February 2022




Remove seed from outer casing

Soak in warm water overnight

Plant seeds 1/8" deep and keep moist

Seedlings will emerge in 2-3 weeks


Planting these is not just planting it in the ground. You have to either cut the hard shell without damaging the seed inside, or bring a pot of water to a boil, turn off, toss the seeds in, and leave until the water cools.

After this, the seeds should be planted from 1/3 to 3/4 inch deep in soil. Consider placement before planting the seeds, however, because although sumac plants are quite hardy, they grow best in certain conditions. They should be planted in an area that gets full sun, and though they do quite well in many types of soil, they require a good amount of drainage.


Great for making a "lemonade" or jelly, or use to make a dye.

Berries enjoyed by wild turkey, grouse and many songbirds. Browsed by rabbits/deer.

This is one of the few shrubs that produces brilliant fall color in much of Florida.



Rinse your sumac in cool water to remove any of the “outdoor elements” that might be clinging to them. Place sumac berries in cool/room temperature water. One large cluster of sumac will flavor a minimum of 2 cups of water. The more sumac you use, the quicker and more flavorful your sumac-ade will be!


These seeds can be consumed or planted.


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