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Hoya Cumingiana

Hoya Cumingiana

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Hoya cumingiana is a highly resilient, fast-developing species native to the Philippines. It generally inhabits limestone cliffs in tropical areas with strong direct sunlight. The leaves of this species are characterized by their small scalloped shapes, growing on robust upright stems. With adequate support, the stems will remain upright; if left unsupported, however, they may start to droop due to their own weight.. Blooms consist of 10-15 star shaped yellow flowers with a maroon corona, born on peduncles normally found near the tips of each stem. The fragrance is strongest in the evenings, and has been described as ripe mangoes with a hint of cinnamon.  What differentiates this hoya from most others is that it does not rebloom from the same peduncle, however it is a profuse bloomer!

~Do Not let Hoya sit in excess water. As epiphytes, in the wild they would be growing on tree trunks or branches in the forest understory where they would get most of their water just from dew or moisture in the air.

~Hoya are considerably hardy & tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, but for the best growth it is recommended to provide higher levels of humidity.

~Feed regularly during the growing season with a low nitrogen fertilizer containing sufficient amounts of phosphorous and potassium.


Shipped with love and care from our quaint family jungle in Northeast Florida.

All of our plants are guaranteed live arrival. Please submit photos of any damage within 8hrs of package delivery.

The item you are purchasing is the exact variety shown in the photos gallery. Some may be larger or smaller and have a different leaf count. No two plants are identical however plants grow quickly here in the nursery and are often shipped larger than expected. (If variegated, pattern will vary)


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