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Blackwood Botanical

Plantalicious Monthly Box Subscription

Plantalicious Monthly Box Subscription

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Love plants? Want more? Every month?!?! We got you. 

Don't waste time shopping around for a new plant, let us send you a new mystery plant every month in our new monthly subscription box! Every box will come with a new, fully rooted, exotic plant, care instructions, sticker,  plus a little plant related gift! 

Some of the plants you may recieve include:

Hard to find Pothos like Skeleton Key, Manjula, and Carnival Brasil

Cool Tradescantia 

Different kinds of Monstera

All kinds of Syngoniums

Unique Vining Plants

Random Strings of Things

Fancy Philodendrons

Even some reverted plants that could throw new variegation!


And so many more...



Our boxes ship on the first of every month, right to your door. Just in time to satisfy your planty cravings for the month! 

These come shipped through Priority USPS and are guaranteed live delivery. 

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