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Scindapsus Tattoo

Scindapsus Tattoo

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Dive into the world of botanical artistry with our stunning Scindapsus "Tattoo" plant, available in the form of cuttings, starter plants, and 4-inch pots.


The Scindapsus "Tattoo" plant is a masterpiece of nature, featuring exquisite markings on its luscious green leaves that resemble intricate tattoos, making it a true standout in any plant collection. Each leaf tells a unique story, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy to your indoor space.


Our cuttings offer you the opportunity to propagate your very own Scindapsus "Tattoo" plant, allowing you to witness the magic of new growth firsthand. These cuttings are harvested with care and precision to ensure optimal success in rooting and growing your own beautiful plant.


For those seeking immediate gratification, our starter plants are the perfect choice. Each starter plant is nurtured to perfection, ready to grace your home with its distinctive beauty from the moment it arrives. 


When your Scindapsus "Tattoo" plant starts to flourish and outgrow its initial pot, our 4-inch pots provide a stylish and practical upgrade. These pots offer ample space for root growth while complementing the plant's unique aesthetic with their minimalist design.


Bring a touch of artistic flair into your life with our Scindapsus "Tattoo" plant cuttings, starter plants, and 4-inch pots. Elevate your plant collection with this captivating and unique variety that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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