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Blackwood Botanical

String Of Tears

String Of Tears

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Introducing the breathtaking String of Tears plant, a unique and eye-catching addition to any plant collection. Known for its delicate cascading leaves that resemble tears glistening in the sun, this plant is sure to captivate all who see it. 


Our propagation cups are the perfect way to start your very own String of Tears plant journey. Simply plant a cutting in these convenient cups and watch as your new plant sprouts and thrives. With our commitment to quality, you can trust that your plant will have the best start possible.


For those looking to add an already established plant to their home, our starter plants are the ideal choice. Each starter plant is carefully nurtured to ensure a strong and healthy beginning for your String of Tears. 


Once your plant has outgrown its cup, our 4-inch pots provide the perfect new home. These pots offer ample room for growth while still maintaining a compact size that is perfect for any space. 


Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring the beauty of the String of Tears plant into your life. With our range of propagation cups, starter plants, and 4-inch pots, growing and caring for this stunning plant has never been easier.

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