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Dried Marshmallow Root

Dried Marshmallow Root

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Marshmallow root has a long history as a delicious treat and has a calming effect. Althaea officinalis is an herbaceous perennial in the Malvaceae family with super-slimy properties. Our organically-grown marshmallow root comes from the United States and can be brewed into a tea or blended into syrups, herbal blends, and skin care products for a truly soothing experience!

Marshmallow root use dates back to ancient Egyptian, Arab, Greek, and Roman times. It has been employed over centuries for its ability to moisten and soothe mucous membranes in the respiratory, digestive, and urinary tracts, and applied externally as a poultice. It is also a popular ingredient in beverages, desserts, candies, and cosmetic creams, and was the original ingredient for the marshmallow confection. This herb has the capacity to provide mucilage that helps to soothe, support, and protect the mucous membranes of the respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems.

To ensure proper absorption, consume at least 8 ounces of liquid when taking marshmallow root, and take any orally administered drugs either 1 hour prior or several hours after. Prior to using any herbal product, it is advised to consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner, especially if pregnant, nursing, or taking medications.

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