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Mystery Cutting Box (Uncommon Edition)

Mystery Cutting Box (Uncommon Edition)

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Mystery Cutting Box (Uncommon Edition).

Surprises are the spice of life, treat yourself to one with our Mystery Cutting Series!

Let us introduce the Common Mystery Box:

In this special planty delivery you will recieve 3 healthy and beautiful cuttings from the following possibilities. If you purchase more than one box, we will make sure there are no repeats. Most Cuttings will be with a leaf and a node some may be rooted plants depending on what we have available! If there are some you already have send us a message to make sure you get all new cuttings!


Silver Lady


Shangri La
Variegated Neon
Carnival Sport

Epipremnum Pinnatum Skeleton key


Pink Princess
Cream Splash
Variegated Heartleaf
White princess
Variegated Burle Marx
Painted Lady
Summer Glory


Adonsanii Fairchild (Double Windows)


Pubacalyx Splash
Krohniana Splash
Variegated Compacta


Fluemensis Lavender
Pink Palida
Rhoeo Rainbow
Variegated Maria

-String of-

Silver Glory Hearts
Orange river



Hibiscus Tiliaceus Variegated
Dischidia Hirsuta
Dischidia Albida

Shipped with love and care from our quaint family jungle in Northeast Florida.

Not responsible for weather related or shipping damages. We pack our plants with experience and rarely have any issues.

Shipped USPS Priority

Insulation available at no additional cost, just let us 
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