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Amydrium Medium Green

Amydrium Medium Green

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Introducing the Amydrium Medium Green plant, a true gem in the world of tropical foliage! At Blackwood Botanical, we are thrilled to present this exquisite and unique plant to our customers. Known for its stunning dark green leaves with intricate patterns and texture, the Amydrium Medium Green is sure to captivate any plant lover's heart. This plant's distinct elongated leaves beautifully cascade and drape, creating a dramatic and eye-catching display. Not only does it make a gorgeous addition to your indoor jungle, but it also offers air-purifying benefits, ensuring a healthier and more refreshing environment in your home or office. At Blackwood Botanical, we take pride in providing you with only the highest-quality plants, and our Amydrium Medium Green certainly lives up to this standard. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary piece of nature's art. Order your Amydrium Medium Green plant today and elevate your botanical collection with its sheer beauty and elegance.

Shipped with love and care from our quaint family jungle in Northeast Florida. 


All of our plants are guaranteed live arrival, with the exception of weather related damage. Please submit photos of any damage within 8hrs of package delivery.


The item you are purchasing is the exact variety shown in the photos gallery. Some may be larger or smaller and have a different leaf count. No two plants are identical however plants grow quickly here in the nursery and are often shipped larger than expected. (If variegated, pattern will vary)


Handling Time For Live Plant Orders:


All orders are shipped from Monday - Wednesday: Most orders are ship out within 1-3 business days. Any orders made from Thursday - Sunday will be shipped out on the following Monday.















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